Help Keep the Hollyridge Trailhead Open!

We Want Open Access 
to Griffith Park Trails for Everyone!
Saturday April 15th at 12 Noon 
Join us at the top of Beachwood 
The City has announced April 18th it will close the Griffith Park access trailhead at the top of Beachwood Drive and divert Griffith Park hikers and tourists away from Beachwood Canyon over to Bronson Canyon and Vermont Canyon. How did this happen?
On March 13th, we all learned of the City’s decision to close access to the Hollyridge Trailhead above Beachwood Canyon in response to Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Feffer’s ruling in the Sunset Ranch Hollywood Stables vs City of Los Angeles court case. But the City’s decision seems not only to be unjustified by the Judge’s ruling, it seems in direct contradiction to the ruling.
The Judge determined that Sunset Ranch does not have an exclusive right to the access road that leads to the trailhead and cannot exclude members of the public from that road, and that the City must provide public pedestrian access to the Trail at a point very near the Beachwood Gate. In response, the City decided instead to close the Trailhead at Beachwood Canyon completely.
We hope that the Mayor, Councilman David Ryu, and Parks General Manager Mike Shull will act swiftly to turn back this disruptive move by the City Attorney’s office before it becomes permanent and closes off forever this access to Griffith Park for the many members of the public who enjoy it.


The local residential associations listed below support NOT closing the Beachwood Gate to the Hollyridge Trail. If you agree, join residents, hikers and park users from all over LA at Noon on Saturday, April 15th at the end of Beachwood Drive. Let the City know you are in favor of keeping all Griffith Park trailhead access points open to the public. Call your friends and bring them with you on the 15th!


Beachwood Canyon Neighborhood Association   
Oaks Homeowners Association
Lake Hollywood Homeowners Association
Los Feliz Improvement Association


Because of neighborhood parking restrictions at the north end of Beachwood Drive, we cannot park cars near the site. So take a ride-share car, use public transportation or enlist a family member to drop you and others off at the site.


Your voice needs to be heard!

Councilmember David Ryu:


Rec and Parks GM Mike Shull:


If you would like the entire history of this trail, go to Issues above and Hollyridge Trailhead is the first item in the drop down menu.