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I'm president of Friends of Griffith Park and live in "The Oaks" to your east.

I've been asked by a consortium of wildlife authorities and experts to reach out to some of Griffith Park's neighboring homeowners regarding wildlife activity in the area.

Since 2007, scientific surveys of flora and fauna of Griffith Park have been conducted as part of a "Griffith Park Natural History Survey" funded largely by local residents and groups such as Friends of Griffith Park. The latest collaboration, between Cooper Ecological Monitoring and U.S. Geological Survey(USGS), has been to investigate wildlife movement across Cahuenga Pass/101 Fwy., to assess how large mammals may be moving in and out of the park.
In late February of this year, images of an adult male mountain lion were captured by study cameras on the east side of Cahuenga Pass, an area where there have been scattered reports but no firm evidence of their occurrence. There may be a variety of public reactions to this photographic evidence, ranging from excitement to fear, so a "fact sheet" is attached to help answer questions. Please direct any question to the referenced experts on the attachment.

We all need to keep doing the things all residents in hillside communities should be doing:

1) keep all food sources inaccessible to wildlife, report violators
2) protect your pets.

Best regards,

Gerry Hans
Friends of Griffith Park

Wildlife Study Sheet


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