Beachwood Canyon
Neighborhood Association

Serving the Beachwood Canyon Community, Mulholland to Franklin




Board Members Profiles
(Updated 7-27-2011)



Fran Reichenbach, our current President is a founder and continues her work as a community organizer and past publisher of the Beachwood VOICE.  She is  currently working hard on development issues within Beachwood Canyon. She maintains the associationĺs new website and attends most hearings related to issues in our neighborhood. Fire safety and emergency preparedness are some of her interests.

Larry Markes, VP & Secretary is a Glen Green resident active in all the matters of our community and of this organization particularly. He has demonstrated a high level of leadership and continues to be a valuable asset keeping our non-profit status up to date. We owe our 501 c 3 status to his tireless efforts.

Gary Wilmes, our current Treasurer is currently an active board member involved in quality of life issues. He is a long-time resident of Vista Del Mar and joins board members in trips to city hall on local neighborhood matters.

George Abrahams, director and founder of our organization actively working to clean up the area. His is a vocal advocate for safe and clean streets among other issues.

Jack Fitzgerald, director is a Gower Street resident concerned about traffic safety. His efforts to calm traffic on his block have resulted in speed humps being installed. He supports Neighborhood Watch and works well with City staff on traffic and infrastructure issues in the canyon.

Missy Kelly, director is a Cheremoya resident active in her neighborhood and a long time board member and steadfast volunteer. She is a valuable part of the Beachwood team working quietly in the background with tasks such as meeting hospitality, membership mailings, flyer construction and distribution.

Mary Anne Nelson, director lives on Dearborn. She is involved in community affairs and attends most public meetings. She is an observant neighbor and happy to continue serving on our team. Mary is also proactive with quality of life issues on her block as well as a volunteer in the Adult Literacy Program.

Nina VanTassell is a long time board member, a multiple property owner in the canyon, and a leader in the bulky item cleanup campaign in Beachwood Canyon. She is the eyes and ears on Glen Holly and Glen Alder. She is also very interested in traffic safety, parking issues and over-development in our canyon.

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