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Quotes from Fire Chiefs

On March 17, 2011, we received the following emails from our Los Angeles Fire Dept:

"Joe Castro" <>

To: "Fran Reichenbach" <>

Yes, it's correct to say that Deronda is the only way for us to reach Mt Lee. The way it was framed previously, that Deronda is our only way into the Hollywood Hills or Griffith Park, was incorrect and would have been quickly exposed as not true by any adversary. You are also correct in identifying that Mt Lee is a very important communication hub.  Additionally, My Lee serves as the main Helispot for LAFD helicopters for any incident in the Hollywood Hills and downtown areas.  They utilize this helispot to refill the LAFD water dropping helicopters for brush fires.  When this operation is up and running (during fires) there must be an LAFD fire engine that is able to drive up to Mt Lee, thru the Deronda gate, to assist in this operation.

I plan on attending the meeting this Monday.

Joe Castro

From: Christopher Kawai <>

To: "Fran Reichenbach" <>

Date: Thursday, March 17, 2011, 3:14 AM

Mt. Lee is one of the main helispots for the Fire Department and it is used during brush fires.  Mt. Lee is also  a main repeater site for communications in the City. Several City Departments use the site.

Why Homeland Security was so interested in protecting the site after 9/11 would only be speculation on my part, however, I can tell you communications during an emergency is critical.

Chris Kawai, Commander
Battalion 5, "B" Platoon


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