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We are an issues-based group holding meetings at least every quarter and more often if need arises. We send out e-mail reports and alerts. Click on Archives on the right to see a list of past newsletters. Feel free to download the BCNA Dues Request Form. In it, you will see an overview of the range of activities that we do in order to serve this great community:

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  • Katie Haupt-Higashi

    I think ALL Residents of Beachwood Canyon should be required to have a parking permit not only above the sign, but from Franklin on up. Even in the flats, there is a parking problem and often our guests can not find parking……I get awfully tired of tourists parking in front of my driveway and house and taking a walk.

  • Eric Watson

    Good Morning!
    This morning I went up to the Beachwood Trailhead access point to walk my dog and Park & Recreation had blocked it off. I was very upset about this, as I have been hiking in the park for many years. Do you think we could appeal to Park and Recreation to stop this illegal activity of blocking our public access to the park?
    Thank you!
    Eric Watson

  • hysign

    @Eric; Because of the safety issue created by the trailhead at the top of Beachwood, it will probably have to remain closed to vehicular traffic for a while. You say you were not able to go up there on foot? Hmmm. I was up there yesterday with my dogs. The gate was closed to vehicles but open to foot traffic.

  • hysign
      @Katie; You are not alone. The streets around the Franklin Strip restaurants are full of patron parking leaving little space for residents. Beachwood Canyon has a real problem with parking from tourists as well as hikers right now. Also, some local employees of Hollywood proper are parking on Beachwood Canyon streets and taking the Dash bus down to their Hollywood Blvd jobs.
  • Jessie M

    I’ve noticed a new electronic sign at the bottom of Beachwood that says starting March 25th there will be no access to the trails via Beachwood/Sunset Ranch area. Does anyone know if this is just a temporary thing or permanent? Perhaps I am just interpreting the sign incorrectly? I hike those trails every week and it is very frustrating to now not have access to public trails without having to go over to Griffith.

  • hysign

    It’s temporary. There is a gate about to be constructed at the top of Beachwood that will allow hikers like you in from sunrise to sunset every day. The cars that will be allowed access will be customers and employees of Sunset Ranch. Basically, this will be a pedestrian gate. In the meantime, I’ll walk up Beachwood and up Linforth to Deronda and continue upward to the other pedestrian gate and up to the Hollywood Sign. Or, up to the top of Deronda and over on the dirt trail that leads to Mulholland Hwy – then over to 6161 Mulholland trailhead and hike that trail to the Lake Hollywood area and up Canyon Lake past Lake Hollywood Park up to the Vista and over on Mulholland and retrace my steps. That’s over 3.5 miles of hiking and I never had to access the Hollyridge Trailhead. Also, from the Vista, there is a dirt trail that leads behind the Durand homes and lets out at Wolf’s Lair on Durand/Creston. From there, it’s a little walk down Flagmoor to Belden and down to the Village. Otherwise, see TheHollywoodSign.org for more hiking ideas.

  • David

    Is Sunset Ranch closed during the construction of the gate?

  • hysign

    The City wouldn’t allow for the business to be harmed during the installation of the gate. Boarders and employees will certainly be allowed access.

  • Becky M

    Is beachwood canyon park trail open now?

  • hysign

    Access to Griffith Park from upper Beachwood is not allowed until the gate has been completed. There are countless other ways to get up there. TheHollywoodSign.org will give you several options.

  • hysign

    Sunset Ranch is doing well as the rent riders don’t have to struggle for parking before saddling up for their ride.

  • hysign

    Since you’re a local, you can use the multitude of Griffith Park access roads and end up coming down the Hollyridge trail and exit through the gate. It’s only entrance that is prohibited during the gate construction. Exiting is permitted.

  • kelly pendygraft

    I’m a resident in Beachwood Canyon for 8 yrs. I live between Scenic and Grasiosa. I work from home -sometimes recording VO work and every single day there is gardening/lawn blowers/etc either to the left, right, back, front, next to, seems like on top of my building. It’s making me go mad. Is there any thing we can do- sign petitions from other residents around who agree w me – to get the gardeners to come on the same day once a week? Or even 2 days once a week? I’m about to lose my mind and considering moving.

  • hysign

    This has part of a recent discussion through the Facebook page and sometimes comes up on the Nextdoor thread. The sad reality is that, while we were excited when the city banned gas powered leaf blowers, they will not cite for them and there is no penalty or other “teeth” in the ordinance. THEN, we find that noise pollution is State issue. There is a law on the books on the state level about how much noise is harmful. None of this is within the public’s area of power. My friend John Taylor is a voice over professional. You should ask to be facebook friends. He used to live on Cheremoya and he got himself one of those soundproof booths so he could work from his apartment across from the school. He now lives back east but that is a remedy that you should look into.

  • danny v

    My family and I drove out there from Diamond Bar yesterday to hike up to the Hollywood sign from Beachwood as recommended by many. It was closed and the signs said to start from Griffith Park. We then went to GP where a Park Ranger said to go to Ledgewood to start the hike yet this area was closed off too. We ended up hiking a short distance around GP..we left very disappointed. It seems though from some of these comments that we can park and still WALK through the Beachwood entrance up to the sign?

  • hysign

    The suggestion is to take your photo and do your hike at or near the Griffith Park Observatory. The gate at the top of Beachwood is closed to cars and people while the gate is being constructed. However, if you are already in the park and on the trail, you can come around the back of the Stables staying on the trail and walk down the Hollyridge trail and out the gate construction…I’m sorry you had a bad time and even sadder that Rec and Parks would tell you to go up Ledgewood. It is true that, once you are in the neighborhood and have found a place to park, you can walk up Ledgewood and get to the Hollywood Sign. It’s mostly the vehicles that the neighborhood streets can’t support. Best to get out and hike, like you did rather than sit in gridlock hoping not to get into an accident with your rental car.

  • Marco Scorsolini

    Hello! Sorry, another comment about the trails/gate. So, I understand the need for the gate, but when it will be constructed the trails will be hard to reach without either living a few meters from it, or being extremely lucky with parking. I live on Beachwood but closer to Franklin. I thought there was going to be an car access based on residence address. I don’t think many Beachwood residents would go up there with their car on a daily basis clogging the lot. I fear that there will still be a lot of people trying to get a parking spot, unless a certain “bad fame” is build over time for the place to be one to avoid (which I believe it to be the plan here). But is all good, something got to be done about it.

  • thomas

    Hi hysign. I’m a resident of Beachwood, and was curious if the Deronda trail access was still open to hikers and pedestrians? You mentioned earlier it as an alternative during the BW entrance closure, but I just googled it and it looks like it’s closed. Thanks! And thanks for the site. It’s a great resource for residents.

  • Scott

    Hi. I used to hike the Hollyridge trail quite often, but now i discovered no access to it. I’ve tried searching around but can’t find a definitive answer. Are we still able to hike from the ranch parking lot?

  • hysign

    For the next couple of months, the gate that leads to the Hollyridge Trail is closed while construction continues on a gate. Once the gate is created and up and running, pedestrians will be allowed through. By the way, if you are already in Griffith Park (maybe you took one of the official trails from the Griffith Park Observatory or Bronson), you can exit down through that Hollyridge trail head. If you’re into hiking, look at TheHollywoodSign.org and enjoy.

  • hysign

    Marco, as a local, you know that there are other ways for you to get to Griffith Park other than the (temporarily) closed Hollyridge Trailhead. Why not send me an email at info@beachwoodcanyon.org and we’ll talk about the options you have. Looks like you’re an avid and experienced hiker that walks from south on Beachwood near Franklin all the way up to the top of Beachwood. Well, there are other routes for you. Let’s visit.

  • Myrvhick Magsakay

    Hi! Is the beachwood canyon open already to go hike to Hollywood Sign?

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  • Hi! I would like to locate a cat friendly apt in Beachwood canyon. $1200, my pretty place on Beachwood does not allow pets, please let me know of our new home! Thank you! Bless! Tina 310 766 0801

  • sfeare

    I am interested in buying land and building a little home. It’s an upslope piece of land. I am wondering what special considerations are needed to know in order to build on a piece of, basically, hillside in this area. Is it even possible? I wonder if the person is selling because nothing can be done with the land. Anybody buy recently and build anything? Any and all info is greatly appreciated!!!!

  • Cathy

    I am tourist that wants to visit the trail. HOWEVER, I do not want to offend the residents that live in the area. Where can I park so I don’t disrupt the neighborhood? Thank you,

  • Dean Okrand

    How great it is that the city of Los Angeles and Rec and Parks have listened to residents of Beachwood Canyon and the concern about the Hollywood Sign traffic. I noticed today the digital sign on Beachwood just above Franklin states: not to smoke, there are parking restrictions and cars do not have access to the Hollywood Sign. These are all things residents wanted to help mitigate a very real problem. Thank goodness. Now Angelenos, tourists and locals can maybe put this controversy behind us!!!

  • Don Ward

    Hi All,

    I totally understand the issue with tourists driving up and disrupting the neighborhood. Im not sure what the solution is, but currently the Griffith Park Parks and Rec / Tom LaBonge solution is proposing a project that deletes valuable car free road from Griffith Park at Mt. Hollywood. This is extremely sad to see. It is 1.1 mile in length and while some may consider that not a lot, the fact is that it IS a lot and especially on the stretch that is being affected. Cyclists and hikers / walkers have very little space in this city to enjoy nature with out having to worry about car drivers, noise and basically the same things that you all are upset about in your neck of the woods.

    The worst part about this pilot project to let cars park on Mt. Hollywood is that it will do nothing to alleviate your issues in Beachwood and will increase the amount of traffic in Griffith Park. We are basically building a parking lot in Griffith Park to “ease traffic” when everyone who has lived in LA knows that building more roads and parking lots has never done any such thing. It is like widening the 405. It only induces demand.

    Please join me in opposing the Mt. Hollywood pilot project and preserve our public space as a nature escape and not a parking lot.

    Thank you.
    Email me if you need more info or want to discuss this further.

  • I’ll be visiting your lovely neighborhood tomorrow and I am very excited. I chose Beachwood Canyon as the home of my main character in my unpublished novel. I can’t wait to see it for myself.

  • claudia

    Hello fellow beachwood canyoners. I am looking for a good landscaper/gardner who is both affordable and talented. Would love some suggestions.


  • hysign

    There are many landscapers doing great work in our canyon. Best to look at something you love and leave a note for the homeowner asking that they contact you with their resource. They will take this as a compliment and will most likely get back to you sharing their experience with the landscaper. At that time, you can ask them how satisfied they were with the process, the workers, the timeline and the price. Good luck.

  • hysign

    Sorry for the late reply and hope you had a great time in Beachwood Canyon. Let us know when the book is finished so we can enjoy.

  • hysign

    Currently this plan is being merely studied. The pilot project is complete and now the study will begin. When that study is complete, we will all get a chance to weigh in on it. There are as many opinions about this project as their are people willing to write about it. Let’s wait and see what the study says.

  • hysign

    Oh, if only.

  • hysign

    The upper portion of Beachwood Canyon is called Hollywoodland and it has a Specific Plan that must be adhered to and a Design Review Board that must look over your plans. There are only a few open parcels left and one must have considerable cash to build on any of them.

  • hysign

    There is a bulletin board in the Beachwood Village but I suggest you visit each apartment building on Beachwood. Not all prohibit pets. Most are pet-friendly. Best of luck!

  • hysign

    No, you don’t need html coding to do this but it helps to get an experience helper to set you up at the beginning.

  • hysign

    Yes – but don’t try to park in the area. Take the DASH 208 from Hollywood and Vine up to Beachwood Village and walk north from there. Don’t forget to buy some snacks and water at the Beachwood Market and eat a healthy, rejuvenating lunch at the Beachwood Cafe after your hike. Then, hope right back on that 208 back down to Hollywood.

  • hysign

    The gate is open at the top of Beachwood but you won’t have any luck parking. Best to walk up there. Don’t forget to buy your snacks for hiking and your water from the local Beachwood Market. After your hike, consider having a great lunch or dinner at the Beachwood Cafe before heading home.

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