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Wonder View Trail Upgrade Plan Would Improve Access To Wisdom Tree by Chris Lindahl, Patch Staff

HOLLYWOOD, CA — Jutting out of one of Griffith Park’s highest peaks stands the Wisdom Tree, a legendary lone pine that serves as a landmark for hikers seeking spectacular views of the city. And Just like any good attraction in Los Angeles, the Wisdom Tree can cause traffic headaches.   A portion of the most popular route to ascend Burbank Peak to the tree, Wonder View Trail, isn’t much of a trail it all — after parking on Mount Hollywood

Aerial Tram Proposal Lacking Support

There is a study being conducted to see how the public would feel about having a tram created that would offer tourists and others to be taken to a viewing platform at the top of Deronda Dr so they can take a photo of the Hollywood Sign. The stated rationale is the assumption that this tram or these gondolas will cause fewer tourists to drive up into Beachwood to get a photo of the sign. The tram will have a

Report From Hearing – September 26, 2018 at City Hall

Dixon Report/Comprehensive Strategies Report (Wednesday, September 26 at 2:30 p.m. at City Hall)   On September 26th, many neighbors attended the meeting of the Arts, Entertainment, Parks, & River Committee to express their feelings about the Dixon Report (AKA Comprehensive Strategies Report). The energy was rather intense people gave their one-minute testimonies. Many complained that tourists come to our area. (SEE YOUTUBE VIDEO) Others had instructive comments around options that they felt perhaps lacked merit or feasibility. For instance, there were many

Wildlife Meeting This Tuesday, Dec 16th at 6:30 p.m.

You are all encouraged to attend! Many have questions about coexisting with wildlife. While Officer Dinh has not been trained in wildlife (has a degree in Zoology), we are hoping that he may have absorbed some information while working next to the real wildlife expert for our area, Officer Gregory Randall. Recently, Officer Randall has been reassigned to the East Valley Shelter to work as an animal control officer.   6:30 p.m. December 16 at the Hollywood City Hall (Fountain

Shuttle from Greek Theater May Serve Tourist’ Needs

In an effort to get a shot of the Hollywood Sign, many tourists find themselves stuck in gridlock traffic on tiny streets in various neighborhoods in Hollywood. The City Councilmember, Labonge along with Rec and Parks and the Department of Transportation have created a pilot project to be rolled out on May 3rd, 2014. Shuttles will take tourists and hikers from the Greek Theater parking lot to Mt. Hollywood where they will be able to take a photo of the