Aerial Tram Proposal Lacking Support

There is a study being conducted to see how the public would feel about having a tram created that would offer tourists and others to be taken to a viewing platform at the top of Deronda Dr so they can take a photo of the Hollywood Sign. The stated rationale is the assumption that this tram or these gondolas will cause fewer tourists to drive up into Beachwood to get a photo of the sign. The tram will have a cost associated with it but there are no details on what that would be. There is no charge to drive on public streets to take that photo which leads many (if not most) people to be skeptical of the rationale for such a project.

And this project will have many downsides regarding the environment and exists equestrian and hiker present on the roads just beneath the projected aerial tram.

Beachwood Canyon Neighborhood Association’s Opposition Letter

For more information, please check out Friends of Griffith Park’s Website.

If you would like to express your feelings about this, take the survey offered by the city. At the end, there is a place to give your comments about this plan. TAKE THE SURVEY