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Join our e-mail tree by contacting or call our hotline at 323-610-1967. Let us know if you would like to participate in clean-up projects, help plan events or if you just want to be informed of goings on. We work closely with our Senior Lead Officer, Heather Mata and support/organize neighborhood watch groups. We also fight to protect and preserve our Hollywoodland Specific Plan. Interested? Contact us! Click here for information on how to join: (or click on the button on the right to pay your dues with your credit or debit card. ($20/year)

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  • I just moved to the area and I want to attend any of your meeting .
    Robby 323 848 4699

  • hysign

    Our next meeting is our Spring 2014 meeting on May 5th at the Beachwood Cafe at 7 pm. This meeting is for Beachwood Canyon folks only and we usually have City reps and LAPD there to get us up to date on quality of life issues.

  • Hello, I live on the southern end of Beachwood–just above Cheremoya School.

    How engaged is the Association in addressing the concerns of the Beachwood community nearer to Franklin? We’ve had issues with un-mitigated construction and we don’t have a Specific Plan to help protect the area.

  • hysign

    We are very concerned but mostly with the lack of adequate parking in your area because of the Franklin Strip bars.

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