The City Gets Tough on Commercial Vehicles – Click here to see their flier for van drivers.

Gridlock – the Video

This page is under construction but here’s a video to view of a day in the life of upper Beachwood residents as floods of pedestrians compete with cars on our narrow street. I think most of these are hikers. The cars are probably tourists and local residents.

A Moment on Beachwood

2/9/14: Imagine you live at the very top of Beachwood and this is what you get every day – all through the day. The cleanup task must be extreme and it’s on the neighbors to do that.

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photo 2


photo 1

2/9/2014: This car is totaled…the radiator is leaking and it can not be driven. This family is waiting to be towed.

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Their car was parked in the dirt lot when a car trying To Maneuver the dirt hillside slammed into it.  Luckily no one was hurt.