Aerial Tram Opposition

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Action Needed by October 12, 2020!

If you care about the health and safety of Horses, Hikers and wildlife in Griffith Park, please join us in opposition to ANY Aerial Tram projects planned for Griffith Park:

Here is how to help:

Write your own letter to the entire city council and the Mayor of L.A.


Use any or all of the following sample letter. Copy and paste and send to “All Recipients” in red below:


Dear City Officials and Aerial Tram Consultants,

I strongly oppose all aspects of the proposed aerial tram in Griffith Park.

While some development exists around the outskirts of the park, the center is relatively untouched, and remains a haven for both hikers, equestrians and wildlife alike, including the famous mountain lion P-22.

An aerial tram cutting across two miles through the middle of the park would permanently scar this unique, urban wilderness. Wildlife patterns would be altered and native habitat destroyed forever.

The construction of such a colossal structure would mean long-term closures of many hiking and riding trails and will be a disruption for the Angelinos who use the park daily.

It is for these reasons and many more that I oppose an aerial tram in Griffith Park and urge you to abandon any plans for such a tram now and in the future.

Thank you for listening.


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If Burbank resident, consider sending to:

Burbank Mayor, Sharon Springer:

Burbank City Councilmember, Emily Gabel-Luddy


Please complete this survey by October 12, 2020. The more voices in opposition they hear, the more likely we will be able to stop this project in its tracks!



If you would like to send email to the Aerial Transit Study,

We appreciate your urgent and thorough attention in this fight! We need to join together to protect our one and only natural park in Los Angeles.

in gratitude,

Fran Reichenbach

Equestrian, nature enthusiast and founder of BCNA 😉

Much of the above content comes from the hard work of Friends of Griffith Park