Permit Parking for Hollywoodland

Due to the overwhelming tourist and hiker presence on the various narrow streets in Hollywoodland, temporary permit parking districts were established for several sections in Hollywoodland that currently bear the brunt of this heavy parking and traffic issue.

June 12, 2014 UPDATE

PPD Process

From Felix Valde

The standard procedure of our office is to send out a Residential Notice a few weeks prior to the signs being posted. This letter will have all the details on what to do when opening your account for the first time including office locations and what documents to bring. This information can also be found on line at:

However, please do not attempt to purchase your permits until you receive the letter.

By signing a petition for your street segment (and meets the minimum 67%), then your street will be posted with a sign.  In order to maintain those signs, the minimum required households with active accounts (1 Annual permit)  is 51%. Our office evaluates this AFTER the sign postings have gone up and within 90 days AFTER the renewal date of the annual permits (so the earliest time we can evaluate this will be approx. 14 to 16 months from now). If the residents do not meet this threshold, they are sent a letter and again allowed 60 days to purchase permits to meet the minimum percentage. If they still do not meet the minimum, the signs are removed for a period of 2 years. This is detailed in Item #11, pg.3 of the Rules and Regulations:

11. Individual blocks within a preferential parking district may be deleted from the district based upon lack of permit sales of renewals. A minimum of one (1) annual or visitor permit per household from 51% of the total households on a block will be required in order to retain the preferential parking restrictions. A review of the permit sales within a given preferential parking district will be conducted within 90 days after the renewal date of the annual permits. If the renewal sales at that time are below the required level as indicted above, all households on the block will be notified that their block restrictions unless the minimum number of permits are purchased within 60 days from the notification. Once restrictions are eliminated from a block two years must pass before it can be considered for reestablishment of preferential parking restrictions. The district shall remain in force as long as the remaining posted blocks still constitute a district, which can be effectively and efficiently enforced and administered.

Hope this clarifies things.