George Abrahams – Soldier Down

Marian Dodge giving George an award from the Federation of Hillside and Canyon Associations

On Friday, May 11, 2018, George Abrahams was walking across the street in downtown Los Angeles. He was hit by a Fed Ex truck causing severe brain damage. The local hospital operated on him but he has not yet regained consciousness.

Many of you know of the hard work that George has done over the years for the well-being of our community. Back in the 90’s, he was the man you would see on a ladder peeling stickers off poles and cleaning up what he called, “Visual Blight”.

For a time, he wore a CalTrans uniform and cleared on-ramps and off-ramps of the debris left by homeless encampments. He would take photos of some of the dicey material that he would uncover. When laws changed preventing anyone from touching anything owned by a homeless person, he shifted gears and helped to get funding for the new Ivar Park.

George receiving a Good Citizen award from the City

Since then, he could be found digging through archives at Piper Tech and working long hours in legal offices helping with the work involved in fighting developments.
He was no doubt doing that kind of work when he was stopped short that Friday in May.
Many of his friends visit him on a regular basis because we all believe that he is listening and it helps to hear friendly voices.
Update: 9-22-18: If you were/are close to George and would like to pay him a visit, he’s now in an Intensive Care Unit and the current temporary conservator is not allowing any visitors. If you would like to receive updates on George and to be placed on a list to visit him (once he’s out of intensive care), contact Jennifer Getz

George spreading the word about the Millennium Towers